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El-Teriak Industrial Group was established in 1948 as an importing & exporting company for Radiators, Brakes, Engine Parts and Steering Parts. Since its foundation, El-Teriak Industrial Group has been a pioneer in the Automotive Industry.

In 1975, the first Factory in the Middle East to produce Brass and Copper Radiator Termar Manufacturing & Trading was established

To accommodate with the development occurring in the radiator and condenser industry; El-Teriak Aluminum Heat Exchangers was established in 1994. The first facility in Egypt and the Middle East capable of fabricating, assembling, brazing and shipping aluminum heat exchangers and their
components to the local automobile assembly plants

In 1998, El-Teriak Industrial Group established another factory EL-Teriak Door Panels for door panel's assembly which is considered a fundamental foundation for the Auto Panels Industry in Egypt. It is composed of two phases, the first is a complete line for door panels hemming and the second phase is sheet metal forming.

In 2006, El- Teriak Fuel Tanks - a fully integrated facility capable of manufacturing and assembly of fuel tanks - was founded.

El Teriak accomplishments continue in 2007 with the establishment of El-Teriak paint specializing in manufacturing all ranges of car paints.

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